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Lea who has worked in music and fashion since she was a young teenager has graduated from being a showbiz kid to become a creative producer. Born in to a family of artists and stylists who were all self made, she learned about hard work and dedication helping in her mother's hair salon.

After becoming of age and earning a degree in Advertising at The Fashion Institute of Technology New York, and University of Massachusetts, Lea began working as a freelance creative for over 10 years.

She lends her voice to commercials such as Adidas, Calzedonia, WAD Magazine, GQ as a presenter, narrator, singer and actress. She lends her artistry to creating looks for fashion shoots and catwalks internationally. A former Wilhemina model and star collegiate track athlete, she definitely knows how to reach for the top. She believes that one should never stop learning, and continues to study her craft. A recent graduate of House of Orange master class for Hair & Set Styling. 


"Muses", a nickname she acquired in art school for the many ideas and talents she has. Along with another student from NYU, they created concepts and collaborated with various photographers. It stared with a project called "The House of Muses" which was the name for our styling collaboration.


" We would make shoes and bags and crazy couture pieces sometimes using hair, leather, wood, or canvas for fashion shoots and underground shows in New York. A lot of the people on the scene at the time were all budding stars, musicians, writers, and dancers in the New York underground movement. It was only natural to collaborate. "


Those collaborations were always open and welcoming to wild ideas. She teamed up with writers to make music at first for fun and later for commercial use. Because of her connections with the modeling industry she was able to approach directors and editors with her ideas. These ideas have grabbed international attention in the dance and underground scene due fun collaborations with international producers such as Duke B of TelepopMusik, Grammy Nominated Dj Producer Todd Terry, and Converse Rubber Trax Studios.

“I love to add a sultry approach to dark bass lines and ironic lyrics,” says Muses.


Her voice is as captivating as her face and style. - BEAUTIFUL SAVAGE MAGAZINE

Muses is also the cover girl of renowned photographer Raphael Mazzuco’s best-selling photo book, CULO by Mazzucco. Her first EP, “Standing Room Only” (EMI and LesCinq Records), released in November 2012. Muses third project, “WARRIOR,” 2014 includes artists from Paris, the UK, and Switzerland. and most recently "Double Cross" which released for ADE in Amsterdam and was submitted as a contestant for the new Grand Theft Auto video game.

Of course it doesn't stop there, she is now working on the other side of the camera producing and directing shoots and creative events as a freelancer.

She recently assisted hairstylist Gary Gill back stage at London Mens Fashion Week and is planning to continue as a beauty professional and brand ambassador & presenter.


"In the future I would like to work with a team to create professional tools and products for hairstylists. Working backstage & on set you get to see and create the trends. It's the pinnacle of the world in fashion. I really feel at home there, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to work doing the things I love." 

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